The Freedom of the Internet in Thailand.

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Internet in Thailand

In the age of information society like today Communication via computer networks is even more important. Increasingly, computer networks allow easy information exchange among each other. At present, there are computer networks linked to the world. Users in the Hemisphere can connect with users in the Hemisphere. Fast computer networks known as "Internet" (Internet)

Regarded as Networks that play the most important role in the modern information society era. The internet covers almost every corner of the world. Internet members can use computers located at any point to send news and information to each other. Information services on the internet come in many forms and are becoming more popular every day.


Thailand started communicating with the internet in 1987, using the service The first e-mail exchange mail bag. By starting at Prince of Songkla University Hat Yai Campus and the Asian Institute of Technology or AIT Under the cooperation between Thailand and Australia Which is a connection by telephone line. The full 24 hour internet usage in Thailand occurred for the first time in July 1992.

Computer data communication has protocols. Which is a standardized communication method of connection .The standard protocol for connecting to the internet is TCP / IP. Every computer connected to the internet must have a serial number called IP Address to refer to or communicate with other computers on the network. The IP here is the same as the Internet pprotocol in TCP / IP. The IP address is classified as one 32-bit number. In this 1 set, there will be .The numbers are divided into 4 equal parts, each of the 8-bit parts. When writing, it is converted into decimal numbers first. For simplicity, it is written by separating each part by a period (.). Therefore, each part of this number cannot have a value. More than 256, ie from 0 to 255 only


In September 1995, Thailand launched the international high speed internet circuit of 2 million bits per second as the first circuit of This circuit connects NECTEC with NACSIS (National Center for Science Information Systems) in Japan. Is a collaboration for research studies. The institute is a member of every Thai substance network. It can access various institutions in Japan from this circuit.


Thailand, led by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha) wants Thailand to become "Thailand 4.0" by bringing digital technology to play an important role in driving the economy and society in order to strengthen and enhance the country's fundamental economy. Ability to compete in the world stage one of the basic structures that is needed to reach the most people is the structure of high-speed internet.

That is considered the main factor of development so that Thailand has the same potential for development as other countries especially the development of internet projects in remote areas for this reason, the ministry of digital for economy and society (DE) by Dr. Pichet Durongkhokveroj, minister of digital for economy and Society (DE) has resolved to TOT public company Limited: TOT to be Operators in the area structure and internet service provision In the project of the Net Pracharat to 24,700 villages.

So the community can use it 24 hours a day, free of charge. Just register basic usage only From the beginning of January 2018, which has been installed to only 99 villages, TO TOT Company Limited under the ministry of digital for economy and Society (DE) has installed civil state internet to over 24,700 villages.


Which is believed that people in the community will benefit from using the state internet at the same time, more knowledge about how to use the internet is correct. Via website Which covers all 5 areas of knowledge, consisting of

  1. Security 4.0: The opportunity to access security information online
  2. Farmers 4.0: The opportunity to access agricultural information and technology online
  3. Health 4.0: The opportunity to access medical information and consult doctors online
  4. Wisdom 4.0: The opportunity to access endless learning online.
  5. Net Pracharat Community The opportunity to access endless learning online.

Thailand has formulated an important strategy for the development of high-performing digital infrastructure throughout the country that everyone can access. Accessible is available and available at an affordable price. So affordable The development of high speed internet network is therefore necessary and considered as one of the important factors that enable Thailand to develop comparable with other countries. But in expanding the network In remote areas there is a high cost and not worth the investment. Causing most telecommunication service providers in Thailand to focus on service development in urban areas Causing inequality among people in remote areas to access government information and services.


Thanks for sharing Internet situation in Thailand. After read your whole article you've wrote evolution of Internet since when Thailand started connection. Also your people have more freedom to internet usage. We're living industrial period of the world. So internet usage and time management most important for grow anybody. Currently we can communicate each others withing 10 second using social networks and web sites. So happy to hear your answer from your side. Best wishes.