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Hi, Steemit´s friends. I publish this publication to explain how Internet access works in Venezuela and the limitations we have Venezuelan users in the virtual world.

I must begin by clarifying that in Venezuela there are no restrictions on the use of the internet; however there are several limitations to access the internet. The main fault corresponds to the national electrical system whose immediate consequence is the suspension of the electrical service for several hours.


Another limitation is related to the speed of the internet service, which is extremely slow, both for the public service and for private telephone services. In Venezuela, there is a public telephone system through which you have access to the web. This service is not modern enough and is technologically outdated. The consequence is to have a very limited service.

Those who have opted for private services, which are much better than the state system, have to pay high rents and do not necessarily manage to meet the connection needs 24 hours a day due, as I mentioned at the beginning, for the constant failures of the electric system.

It should also be mentioned that in places separated from the main capital cities of the states (in Venezuela the territory is administratively organized by states) Internet access is scarce or simply null. There have been, in these cases, solutions via Wi-Fi or wireless internet of companies that provide private services. However, these solutions are personal and very expensive.

All these limitations result in that, at least in the case of steemit, there are unpublished Venezuelan users for two, three and even five days. Such was my case this year 2019 in the months March, April and May where I was affected by the suspension of the electric service.

On the other hand, it is important to mention the profitability of working on the internet and the high costs to access it. In the case of Venezuela, it is often not profitable. What can be earned in foreign currency or commercial currencies such as the dollar or the euro, as well as in cryptocurrencies, is much lower than the investment that must be made to have operational internet and with a medium quality operation.

Users who work in graphic design, photographs or video editing feel very limited to send the finished works or final art. Even for heavy shipments images sometimes must spend hours before the full discharge occurs (not to mention that if electricity is suspended all the discharge work is lost and you have to start from scratch).


The world of cryptocurrencies is wonderful but as stock trading on the internet it is an extremely risky trade if you are in Venezuela. If you have no connection, due to some circumstance as in the case of Venezuela, you can lose valuable opportunities for investment, as well as high sums of money for not selling or exchanging cryptocurrencies in a timely manner.

Venezuelans can be very talented but the limitations to internet access make us less competitive. It is not, then, talent, responsibility and creativity, it is to be in a hundred-meter race and compete with crutches.

How to overcome these limitations?

It is necessary to plan the work times as well as the hours of entry into the financial systems.

The economic probabilities must be visualized in the short and medium term and act accordingly.

Alliances of work, of high confidentiality, must be created with users who live outside Venezuela to overcome any obstacle to Internet access.

Finally, I consider that even though there are no restrictions on Internet access in Venezuela, the limitations are a calamity. This has forced many users to withdraw from steemit, while other users, in resistance, are in need of creating new competition strategies and, as far as possible, foresee an immediate future in terms of producing #newsteem publications.

Thanks so much for reading.

I await your comments.

Infinite greetings!


Hello @marcybetancourt, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thank you very much for this great support for the publication. Infinite greetings @creativecrypto

Thanks for the great inside into this aspect about the situation in Venezuela! Great post.

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Thanks for your comment. Any questions or concerns, I can answer

What interests me the most is the impact a situation like this in Venezuela has on the public's crypto awareness. Is it just me believing it is increasing or actually true?

Yes, There is more public awareness of crypto. However, without proper internet access that momentum will soon fade away.


Tal cual asi como lo comentas, entre las fallas de luz, la falta de mantenimiento esto se ha ido apagando. Nosotros tuvimos que pagar para que nos restituyeran el servicio a alguien fuera de cantv. Nos sentimos estancados en esta odisea, no hay nada de crecimiento si no hay inversión. Excelente tu recorrido @marcybetancourt

As you say, among the light failures, the lack of maintenance this has been shutting down. We had to pay to have someone outside the cantv restored. We feel stuck in this odyssey, there is no growth if there is no investment. Excellent your tour @marcybetancourt

Gracias por tu comentario @sacra97. Es una odisea estar conectados en internet en Venezuela. Ayer cuando montaba esta publicación que quedé sin conexión 2 veces. El esfuerzo es bárbaro para los venezolanos. Un gran abrazo. Me encantan tus publicaciones

It sounds as though the difficulty you have in just accessing the internet in order to do the things you need to do when you can, is a kind of an encompassing restriction because the access itself is limited. So limited that concerns over censorship don't even come into the equation, as just simply getting usable access is such an ordeal.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for reading and for your kind comment.

Hard for you. I remember going through super storm Sandy in New York. No electricity. No heat (and we had a little snowstorm!). No hot water. Gasoline scarce. We were lucky we could walk to a place that had lights and food. Still, it was dreadful. Plus, no sense that anyone in the government was in control. That may have been the worst part of it.
I admire you for posting and informing us, and I wish you better days.

Hi @agmoore2. In Venezuela we live immense difficulties and yet we are optimistic and publish on steemit.
Days can sometimes be chaotic when it comes to electricity due to poor maintenance of the hydroelectric dam. But "this storm" will have to pass and new airs, new ideas and new governmental or private strategies will have to come.
Thank you for reading and commenting. Always grateful

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