Global warming, the satanic consumption (Phthisis).

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Hello there.

          The climate change is a cosmic issue, we have several suns around, and more importan, we are throught an a power photonic place right now. The planet is in constant overheat since the first sec of this universe. Some people tell that is because the contamination or something in the human behaviour, that point is shit, we are in this mess in conditions of passengers.

          All in this nuliverse is change or integration, it means nothing to the exemplification banal. Above and beyond the source limits us to think what she wants in fact. Some people gamb to redesing all the theories formulated to explain, because the chaos is here to aware the new wave of childrens. In my shire we don't have water 24/7 that's one of the problems.

          I call it banality of evil in condition of the human deontology. If you can see it, the real agenda is pending in front your very eyes, call it the Hand or Relmsi in addition of all the pages of cientific books like playing chess with a randomly Mario character, is that simple or you can eat it with some chicken sausage. Nevertheless, the water and the pollution in Mexico make the people sick to death.

          Dump all the people that make you doubt of your intuition and suck your energy. Don't use toilet paper, wash your ass with soap and water. Make your own fuel with natural oil. Raise your childrens in home and bring them good education, no the bullshit that teach the government. Release your pets to the field and let them live in peace and armony with the real enviroment. Make your own way to the infinity knowledge with matemathics and chemestry.

          I believe in facts. If you can see the stars there was one that dissapear suddendly. Wtf? that explain so much the movement of the solar system trought the galaxy and the electromagnetic fields that we are exposed. Those fields change our neuronal rythm of electrons. That's why the poles are melted. More high vibrations, more heat, a lot of Hz between us.

          I do not have the data to proof that and the instruments to measure all this doesn't exist yet, maybe in the atlantis have all write in a papyrus with the numbers and anothers connotations to bring the logic of all this metric paraplegic child that call it warming. Inner sun? san Andreas failure?.

          The H.A.A.R.P is the funniest and coolest tech myth i ever heard, yes, the electricity is a electron flow, and we can change everything manipulating the flow, but it means a huge charge to reach the other side of the world not even a nuclear reactor can do that operation, but is very posible in the future. Is beautiful know all this structure in Alaska. I recomend the Paethon Report, is a very good fiction book, go to the library, is a hook in the chin.


Thanks, see you soon.

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