Contribute or tribute? A sustainable questionmark

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When it comes to climate change, pollution and our habits, it is much like having a political discussion. I don't like political discussions, so I take a step back. Why does this topic stay in my head? It is very simple: because nature is where we come form. We must never forget that. Good, already passed the political road and I am able to think further.
I want to do something. And to do something significantly, one must learn.
I do not learn from long discussions why nothing is happening, listening to prayers, thinking about which waste do split and which not. Either do I learn by getting blurred of greedy Company's and miss the topic, nor with buying their heavenly praised goods. No no, it doesn't work like that.

The real alternatives do not come by living ascetic.
They come by submitting new ways to construct, farm and travel. And I mean not green labeling. The real deal.

So I choose one of these three topics: Construction.
Why? Because that's the pure life. Living, feeling get the idea.

To build what do we use? Concrete.

1 Ton concrete = 1 Ton of Co2 . Annual impact of about 10%
(only the concrete)

Yes there is way worse out there. Not the "bad" animals, or other hyped bullshit. But that's not the topic I want to talk about. Let's not get politically. And I hope there are others out there who figure out a way to reduce the monoxid emissions.

Back to topic.
Not only does it produce a tremendous amount of Co2 it also makes huge areas of nature unable to be civilized. At least not with a huge chunk of work of "rebuilding". I don't find the right terminology for that. Anyway
The resources don't grow where you want them to be, so they need to travel long distances. Around the whole globe. For example Saudia arabia has to import tremendous amounds of sand because they cannot use their own. The sand they have is too small in diameter, and cannot be used for concrete. Imagine the amount of Ships and trucks to get this stuff from A to B. You get the picture. The rat's tail is very long. This is a big chunk of pollution, but labelled on the wrong neck.

Photo by Simon Caspersen on Unsplash

Construct with wood.
Go back to basics, pimp it with modern machines, connect it with massive stones and Architecture and voila,
you get yourself a perfectly renewable, sustainable, way of building.

  • The forest regrows, sustainable economical circle.✓
  • grows locally ✓
  • fast to build, amazing in citys ✓
  • amazing energy balance ✓
  • naturally handles the room humidity ✓
  • combined with steel, bridges and skyscrapers 24 floors high buildings already exist✓
  • surprisingly fire proof✓
  • negative Co2 output✓

But like all niches, it needs more investments, marketing and people able to realize it.
My part will be the realization. I'm studying this and hope the struggle pays off.

Personally, I like alternatives and my goal is to make the alternative to the standard.
I hope my short wood-construction shill was a pleasant read. I'll go back to desk and put my head above the books.



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