Smile - increases the value of your face

in self-esteem •  17 days ago

The most kind five letters of the word is Smile.
The smile increases the value of your face, it makes your beautiful, it comes from inside, from your kindness.
There comes times when we have a reason to cry.
We certainly don't laugh at the same joke again, because the second time is not so funny anymore.
But why do we cry on the same pain again and again?
It all depends on you, whether you want to smile or cry.
Why are we constantly bother our minds down in anxiety, that is just absolutely not all right, and we are all aware of that.
Have peace on your mind, keep calm, because you have no control over anything.
But you can control one thing which is the most beautiful expression on your face, that is your smile, smile from the heart, from your inner spark.



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