All illness and disease represent a struggle of consciusness

Whatever your story is, ; remember that what we put our attention to will grow, manifest, and repeat itself until we choose to look differently, speak differently, think differently. It is advisable to focus only on that which you love to do, what excites you, to stop watching news, mainstream media, television in general because it is a mind controlling tool to keep us separated / divided and dumb, they are programming humanity with false light realities to keep the 'people' in fear and worry. It is not our natural state of being, it is fed into us by several channels all our life long, since we were in the womb.

Your story is based on experience, what others have told & taught you, and thought. Thought is quantum, therefore we are able to heal ourselves by thought alone. Our eyes, hands, mouth, feelings are just an extension of our mind, creative or reflective, we choose with which we create and that is mostly sub-consciously or un-consciously (95% of the time in a day)

Every word has an impact and is changing our universe .... and every thought, words you don't say but think counts, they are being felt, unconsciously, by those that they are directed to. So whatever you are sending out is being received by every single person on the planet ! It stays forever because it is just energy send out into the infinite space-time.

We are going through a huge energy shift on this planet and all is becoming very visible, very black and white, because we have to make a decision whether to move into the new paradigm or stay in the old. The time to sit on the fence is over, its about choosing a frequency today, if you are half in the old and half in the new, you will be very confused en have mood swings like never before and probably you have many aches or pains, maybe even illness and dis-ease.

Changing this frequency inside you comes with letting go of some people and environments in your life that are not matching this new frequency of truth, integrity, compassion, UNITY ... It can be painful to witness that even family or closest friends are still vibrating in the old energy paradigm
But be assured, that when you keep your frequency , you will attract the same vibration, (experiences, people, environments, etc) into your life
You just have to be only YOU and You will attract LIKE MINDED and HEARTED
See everything that you are going through emotionally as EPIC. It means that you are in the 'Mind" - The Person Mind instead of the Universal MInd
And its EPIC because it is showing you that you are not in alignment with source energy, the universal principles of existence.
Its EPIC and you can smile at it, which will instantly transform this emotion so that it can pass through you instead of you accumulating this energy in your body.
EPIC because you un-consciously have called this, invited this into your life. It is an opportunity to eliminate this belief of lack to which the issue is related, to come full circle. When you can smile at it and welcome it because you comprehend the reason of its existence you are already changing everything and everything :)

You invite all thats the bottom line, now how do you want to handle it ? By zooming out, and choosing how you want to react, from which perspective, from which knowing, from which beliefs, ... reflective or creative ?
You are eternal, there is no death, everything is here and now, our sense of time is just an illusion. Everything you want or desire is already here because everything we can think of or dream of is already here, otherwise we could not conceive it in the first place.
Ayahuasca is a good example of what happens when we disconnect from our minds ... the 'system' ... we suddenly experience something we couldn't have conceived before, it doesn't mean that it didn't exist before, right ?
He who lives as an aboriginal his whole life, in the bush bush, prehistoric lets say for argument sake, has no idea of the bungy jump, or television, mobile phone, etc.. in his consciousness it doesn't exist, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist at all...
We as human beings are all one, there is no difference between you or me, We are all connected through the invisible field which shapes all we see and perceives. You are everything that exists, You are the observer of everything that exists ... Is the observer inside us different than the one experiencing ?? Can we experience anything outside of consciousness ?? Is there more than One Consciousness ??
God is inside each and everyone of us, so how can we be separated from god, from divinity? You are god having a human experience on earth. If that is so then we are powerful creators, manifestors.
Remember thought is quantum, what do you think ? Belief ?
Are you happy ?? Happy for no reason ?? NO ??

I love to help you out, as fast as possible, so that you can do it without me and then hopefully teach others how to talk to themselves and how to use energy healing on one self. We have all the tools inside of us and thats exciting, practice every day a little and in 2 weeks time you experience a shift that will motivate you to do more and more and more, it will become clear that what you thought was difficult is actually very very simple.


for info or sessions contact; [email protected]
skype id; mikevandee

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