"I'm So Ready to Put Segwit Behind Us and Get Back To Business As Usual!" My Evening Video Blog

in segwit •  last year

I don't know about you but I'm so ready to move on from Segwit dominating the news cycle and cryptocurrency markets so we can get back to "normal" again. Check out my video blog as I share some of my opinionated views on this topic!

Having said that, I hope they are able to successfully accomplish their objectives so that the Bitcoin blockchain can move faster, smoother and more efficiently, as a result.

The views expressed on this video blog are based upon my personal opinions and not intended to be interpreted as investment advice.

Thanks so much for your support and feel free to follow me @breakingtonight

See you post Segwit!

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i"m in agreement with your views too, we all just want to get back to business, also hoping thing workout positive , thanks for sharing


You're welcome and thank you for your nice comments! Have a great evening and hopefully things go well tomorrow! @youngjerv

Me too, I am willing to start trading again and invest a bit more in Steemit to increase my vote value and start a new project here in Steemit. With current unstability I am afraid of trading.

Thanks for sharing
As always great post and good content