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In the spirit of a great comedian, named: George.

Don’t suffer if it hurts you, please.

Laughter is my only goal.

WTF is Right! The 20.20 .21 version

Well, come on people.
At what point, exactly ?

Do you pull your own Jupiter out of Uranus?

It’s not like we haven’t been through this metamorphosis, a few times before.

We’ve found complete dinosaur skeletons and fully intact remains that look like a cross between a red yeti and a giant elephant, flash frozen in Arctic tundra and ice.

Completely intact Still toting, 50 pounds of their undigested tropical lunch.

But, conveniently, our collective consciousness doesn’t quite have the bandwidth ready to acknowledge the big red elephant in the room that got instantly froze before stomachs could even digest.

All Lives Matter, yeah well, EVEN hairy, red yeti elephant lives matter too, for fucksakes.

Maybe you’re familiar with the largest religious complex on earth, we call it Angkor Wat, yeah that little puppy is in Cambodia....

Clearly, its original Hindu statuary and art has been scrubbed just like google and replaced with Buddhist statuary....

which was never engineered to act as a yoni (or circular stone that turns) on a lingam to generate electrical change, to ionize water for a whole city.

Clearly, the big etch-a-sketch, we’ve collectively decided to call earth, was given a firm toss across the room and maybe a full barrel roll on more than one occasion.

Wtf! is right.

Yeah we’ve actually been in flux for some time.

The last time we had this much change, was about 500 years ago...

And this time, it was Italy.

Poor da Vinci had to “cook his own books” and pay himself a commission

just so that he’d have a legitimate “excuse” (read: alibi) to paint the Mona Lisa...

All, so he and his closest buddies (read: lovers) could see what he looked like, in drag...

you know, like:

“as if” he could just do THAT in public,

like he was just hanging around in the local plaza,

dressed like a 16 year old the end of the 14,00s.

All to not get arrested and avoid having to spend a few nights in the can.

The way I read this: it was just easier than paying the hefty fine for lewd behaviour and then trying to secure paid work, afterwards.

(Social credit scores being what they are and all.)

Eventually the news spread from Italy to France and being triggered by da Vinci’s obvious brilliance (due to kundalini) King Francis saw a similar opportunity to expand his own consciousness.

Clearly in the same co-resonating direction of exploring drag himself....
So, in the privacy of his own chambers, he kept Leonardo’s tiny thumbnail, all to himself for several years....

Until he had a revelation (read: they were down to pocket lint at the castle and needed coin) and it was at that moment, in his quiet state of bliss, the king decided that he would pimp Leonard’s selfie.

So, it was decided that the tiny avatar of an image

(tiny because Leo was actually trying not to get caught in his day, just like Banksy tries not too, today).

Should be displayed publicly,

whereby it would “photobomb in perpetuity” all of the other treasures held in the original (read: OG Paris) Prison that as of the 1793 French Renaissance was miraculously transmuted into a museum, that we all loving call the Louvre, today.

And pay $38 euros, a person, to GET INTO!

Pay to go to prison...

Wtf! Is right.

So the king gifted Leo’s selfie (read: well used by this point, piece of porn) to the museum in 1797 and it has been wanking in (I really mean raking in) box office sales to the tune of 122 million pounds (in 2019) a year and that’s been happening for the last 223 years.

Yeah, YEARS.

Today, in the 21st century I give you:

the Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner, mind torture puzzle.

And ask “Can you tell me: how is that situation any different?”

LGBQ LMNOP! Sing along if you can remember the damn words....

Wtf! Is right.

Both are still letting their freak flags fly, under everyone else’s noses and people are paying other people, not even related to the original intention, for the THRILL to “see” it.


Wtf! Is right.

For entertainment and royalties....royalties wtf?

France seriously?

Royal this: I think You’ve been enjoying a free lunch off of da Vinci’s game play, for a long time.

Any You, England, Don’t even get me started about YOU getting in on a piece of Leo’s Renaissance action, too.

That little abracadabra “bait and switch maneuver” orchestrated at the bloody, Tower of London in 1536, starring Anne Boleyn, was some slight of hand, alright.

Yeah, WTF is right, all cycles.

By the time we got to 1555, Nostradamus was just reading the astrological charts for do royalties get paid out on a 465 year old astrological chart reading, do you think?

Wtf! Is right.

I have acknowledged that fear is a choice when you can look straight through ALL the smoke and mirrors (read: the excrement of the ever growing Taurus pile).

I have also noticed that some words just naturally are meant to go together...

(Because every thing is NATURE.)

Like Fuck and You;

and Merry Christmas;

and Happy Easter; and your SIN number.


~ Rebecca


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Great photography

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