See What I See: The Inter Stellar Alliance Is Raising And Our History

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This is Bashar being channeled through Darryl Anka.

Bashar is Darryl’s higher self who resides on another planet in another dimension. He is a hybrid E.T....just like many of the people on the Earth, are.

(I can’t believe I am typing this....let your heart tell you if it’s a truth for you. I just received the memo and I am showing up for duty, to help raise the Alliance. This is why I am even telling you.)

(Posted to YouTube by Kupa Chrustu on November 25, 2019.)

You should also know about Remote Viewing.

Targets are selected by someone and assigned a number like a phone number or code. That code represents the target which is only known by the original person who chose the target. It (the code) is then given to a tasker (another independent person) and that person takes the code and gives it to 3 or 4 people who do the viewing of whatever the target is.

After each person reviews and shares their data, the target gets revealed and you can determine probabilities and level of accuracy based on each of the outcomes coming from the individual independent viewings.

Targets can be anywhere and anything in Space/Time.

So I will now introduce you to the Farsight Institute:

(Posted to YouTube by Farsightpress on May 2, 2019)

The target was Bashar.

You decide for yourself, if what you are learning resonates with you. ;)

An Angel of Orion, officially on duty.


Yeah, we’re taking a short bus coz that’s how this angel rolls.

~ Rebecca ;)


One of my favorite teachers ~ Bashar! ;)

You ready? because it’s on. Fly safe.
You run into shit @trayan you let me know. I still got a few ancients with sleep in their eyes . (Trying to wake gently.) Powers are beginning to be restored.
We will fly out of being hidden and the Black League will kick the fucking can in the stream of consciousness as hard as we can to claim the hoards of materializations from every incarnation that every was that we can build new and move out of suppression as a big Happy group.
It’s exciting. I am getting downloads every 4 hours.
Circuitry is being updated to handle higher and multiple frequencies. I’ve probably slept 9 hours in 3 days.

That's awesome @rebeccaryan! :)
Yes I am ready, already recycling the BIG SHIT :)
Well... shit is not always a bad thing... we can compost...

Let's move & shake a bit the big happy group! :)
We deserve the best!
2020 feels inspirational...

20:20 @trayan is the beginning of the restoration of balance...(I write this for others in case anyone else wakes with these communications.) It’s so exciting because we will have the full knowledge of our history and all of our potential powers restored.
Each of us are representing a billion souls the payload is high. Mission: Happy Love.
Have fun!!!

Actually I still struggle to get a fair job for feeding my days...
No worries for a family tho...

Stay in happy. Act when you are inspired by an instant urge. When someone offers you something, accept it...even if it’s a piece of gum. Like the hind sight 20:20 thing about balancing our past and future, we must balance the receiving part. We are really good at making requests and giving but not so great at receiving If we are feeling a weak (Signal to source) that’s usually where the issue is.
Happy turns your receiver way up (big frequency bandwidth). Decide what kind of work you want to receive and make your request. Go about your business.

(Your business is to make the request and be happy. You don’t even have to be happy about that particular could be that you’re appreciating that there was toilet paper in the bathroom hahahaha! Just be happy. Your part is done for now.)
The Universe will gather all the collective components and put it all together in perfect time.
You pay close attention to how you feel. If you have doubts get out in the stream ahead of it and change your thoughts. Act when you feel the urge and all the collective components will come together, to you. Then receive what you have manifested.
How busy do you want to be? I can co-create with you, if you want me to add a bit of fire to the bottom of the pot.
Hahaha! Be careful what you wish for... sort of joking.

Thanks for all!
Yes I would like the co-creation of you!
I believe I'm enough busy on my part...
bandwidths are indeed in very different spectrums...
and probably everyone's on the exact place in this moments...
rearrangements always possible...

Is that you?
It has been many days/weeks since I last posted on your blog.
I see that you are still here and leading the charge.
We will/are entering into the new age/world.
So---I want to be a part in some way. Even if I just read some encouraging/enlightening posts such as yours.
Thank you

Just doing my part...@francisk!
Glad you are awake, Burning Man. ;)

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