See What I See: Abundance Arriving To My Door

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It’s a work in progress.


I won this arrangement.

On Sunday, I decided to put my name on a ticket and entered a random draw for it.

My ticket was drawn, Monday.

I can hardly lift it...(not joking) I thought I was going to have to use a dolly.

I am a small person but you need to know that Big energy can come in small packages and I can lift.

(30 years of lifting other people’s body parts in deadweight will do that.)

As it was heavy, the event organizers decided to personally deliver and unload it...they even offered to place it where ever I wanted it.

I said thank you and declined the placement offer, thinking Really? I can lift an arrangement they don’t need to effort anymore on my behalf.

  • Prize: accepted.
  • Delivery: accepted.
  • Offer to place: declined.

Here’s the rest of the magik and what I still need to refine in it:

You must be willing to receive without any conditions.

I still have a few conditions about receiving...I am still tearing down old distortions that tell me that someone else should have won this prize because I didn’t work for it...I didn’t suffer enough for it or really earn it and therefore don’t deserve it to materialize in my reality stream with ease.

It’s messed up. I’m still stabilizing my thoughts.

So, you must also practice receiving.

If someone offers you a seat, or a coffee, or a tick tack even, practice receiving and accepting.

Most of us give which is fantastic but our weakness is on the receiving end.

Being proficient at both giving and receiving is needed for the equation to work the way it was engineered to.

Let’s let someone else share for a few minutes:

(Posted to YouTube by The Attractor Factor on November 12, 2018.)

Please don’t get held up by the religious setting.

The concept is universal and doesn’t matter what label you give to the version of consciousness you currently resonate the most with.

It’ll work no matter your religion.

It’s all scale.

Still riding a tricycle but it’s working.

Cut my teeth on the floral arrangement....powerball Lmao!

Hope you can see where this could go....if you’re game to just be happy and care about how you feel; and then follow the urges to take action when you recognize them.

On both the giving and receiving part.

I had an urge to enter the draw. I would not have won if I didn’t pay attention to that little urge or cue exactly when I became aware of it.

I am special and so are All of you.


~ Rebecca


How are you, Rebecca? :)
Happy holidays to you and yours!


You go girl! Great manifesting, woohoo.

Thank you @sunscape for getting the significance of this and being happy!!! Woohoo is right! (It’s very exciting to realize it’s working as it is happening.)
It’s a little uncomfortable to put myself out in the open like this, but if we have a chance to choose our world and move from a place of fear to a place of love, it seems to me that I need to help bring the concepts (which seem fanciful on the surface) to a place where people will gradually start to see it practically applied and working. I’ve found my momentum now. ;)

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