A Wonderful Time

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Before we left our place. I took this photo of one of the flowers we have growing around here.
We don't have a lot of flowers. But, what we do have is very pretty I think.

So, if we left our place. Where did we go? I am glad you asked. Ha


Since you now know where we had went. I will show you just a little of what to expect going inside the place.
IMG_2373 (1).JPG


Continuing on into the casino. I took a few quick photos as we were walking along. I will show you some of them here.

Remember. I am walking along, pausing just long enough to snap a photo.
Nothing fancy or unusual. Just an interesting view to me.
IMG_2376 (1).JPG


I am not looking for anything special or spectacular. Just recording some of what I had seen as I was walking into the casino.
IMG_2379 (1).JPG



I look outside again as I am coming back from the "dollar slaughter." Ha
Just kidding.
Over the years, I have learned how to deal with the casinos.
Giving them my money is not my idea of a fun day. lol
I have learned how to devise a system/method of keeping that from happening. And so far it has worked well for me.

Returning to the parking garage.


Finally we get back to our home town. Getting some items to take back with us. It took a little time for us to do that.

I started with a flower. I may as well end with a flower.
Any day to the casino without losing money is a good day.
My plan and goal is to not lose money. Maybe even gain a little.

Let me look at the Steemit "dollar price."
Yes, I know it is called "Steem."
$1.59 right now. Not good, but maybe we will see better prices in the future.

One of the cryptos that I really like is up 19.40% right now.
What will it do in the future. Who knows?
I am just a "guesser." I don't know anymore than you do.

Can we listen to a good song? I hope you will like it.
Slow and easy. Yet beautiful to me.

Added to YouTube by: 05vs1--Published on Oct 8, 2012

Now I must find Steemit. We need some power from Steemit
We watch.
Steemit Logo.png
Thank you


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Hi dear sir, Wish you very beautiful morning,
Finally you returned your home and it's good news dear sir, actually I hate these money slaughters really, I love to see you surrounded with flowers and nature and some spectacular view of road and aside to it beautiful houses.
Dear sir can you send me any memorable picture close to your heart and I will paint this one and send back to you, as I am little artist 😊
Wish you a very great and successful day full of digi profits.
With love and respect.



You are so kind to make such an offer to me.
I appreciate it so much. You are the first to do so.

One thing I know. Time for most of us is so limited.
And I have to think that for you. It is the same.
So, I will think about what I would like for you to work on.
Only if you promise not to let the work on it take you away from your daily life activities,
Any spare time that you might have to work on it some days.

Thank you so much for thinking of what you can do for me and others.
I am humbled by your thoughtfulness and generosity to give of yourself.
You are a great asset to Steemit.
You are an example of why I think that Steemit should do well into the future.
Good people doing good things for others as we have time and opportunity.



Sir thank you for precious comment about my family, it will be a great pleasure for me to draw something for you.


Wow. That was quick Mr. Francis.
You already know what you want to have painted for you to remember?
So now I will wait for your reply.
Then I will reveal the amazing secret. Ha
Thank you so much for your kindness.
I feel so honored.



Hi sir good evening, I am here tell me dear sir.


Sorry to keep you waiting.
I have only now seen your reply.
And I want to ask you a question.
Who has made the kind offer to me without any requests at all?
Who has consistently been following my work since she found me?
To whom have I regarded as a very good Steemit friend?
Yes, it is----you..........................
That is what I would like to receive from your artistic abilities.
And if you would like to use what you have already completed and finished from the past.
That would be OK. Just add your signature to it.
I would not want you to be spending time to do something that you have already done.
If you should want to special deliver it to me???
Let me know and I will provide an email for you to send it.
That isn't important........................
I just wanted you to have options on how I get to receive your gift.
Thank you



Hi dear Sir,
Good day.


How do I start this?
I had sent a message to you about 8 hours ago.
Just so you know.
Thank you



Hi sir I found your email thank you.
So sorry for late reply.

Whyyyy.... i was expecting some casino stories
Secondly is that chevrolet yours..... Cool

That is excellent photography and your great work. it is really look flowers .so great experience
Thanks @francisk
have a great day.

Your time is very good. In which the flower is flower on every side.

@francisk, What a grateful photo clicks you caught from Hard Rock hotel % casino.* Inside very impressive looks. Lot of vehicles parking there. Seems big crowded there. Beautiful visualize song to listen.

Flower pic is very pretty . Hotel view is amazing from outside and inside .

Flower pic is best capture . Many colors in one flowers . Hotels view awesome

As always great photos, it was a interesting trip i mean full of history. Regards

Fantastic walk.

just fantastic photography you capture in your blog everyday.its really looks and impressive.i am attracted your best photo pic up skills.because anytime gives very inteligent photo flower. this is a very awesome colouring flower.this flower,hotel place outside and inside just very attractive your photography.this last finishing of gorgeous song.its very best.your post always my heart touching.thanks to sharing for your great post of night environment.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you..my dear friend.. @francisk


Thank you for all your encouraging words.
I really do appreciate it a lot.



thank you for your good word comment.my dear friend.. @francisk i am always attracted your post.because your post very perfect and original. so,always appreciating it.when you reply my comment i am really happy to read your sms.because its my energy for my work and i have got inspire to see your comment..thanks to write your mindblowing comment..my good friend.. @francisk may god bless you.i wish your great success in your future. take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.

Hello @francisk, excellent photos, but today my favorite is the song, beautiful lyrics, beautiful images, I imagine dancing.


Thank you.
I have come to expect something really nice from you.
And this time you did so well.
I really appreciate your time and effort for me and my blog.
Thank you again.


Nice hibiscus, Francis! A day you don't lose at the casino is always a good day. The idea is to quit while you are ahead!


That is good advice.
I use a system that I developed to keep me from losing over time.
It has worked well for me so far.
Thank you


Excellent walk and beautiful photo, my friend and this casino admires with its chic views and huge size of buildings, great work! Thank you @francisk

Sir is That hardrock cafe i really likes it.

Such an incredible experience and unique things you showed on today's blog so nice thanks for sharing that

Really you are having a great time sir,Thank you so much for sharing your lovely memories.

Did you played casino games there @francisk? Inside, outside and park area of the hotel wonderful. Excellent song you uploaded. Have a nice day.

Beautiful starting with adorable flower image and romantic finish with lovely song @francisk. Middle of the post so fabulous with gorgeous images.

Amazing parking area of this hotel. I guess more peoples come to this place for play casino. Unique fashionable photography collections you've got.

Excellent photos @francisk and your casino is great with its apartments, where I think it's very interesting to spend time and play!

beautiful flowers with Wonderful atmosphere. I'm sure you've spent a wonderful time. . All the pictures are very nice. . Excellent photography dear. . . Stay blessed

You photos looks really amazing and clear, the flowers looks beautiful and colorful also but I also like the casino settings and surrounding

Beautiful flowers, although few are important is the quality and beauty of them. In any situation where you do not lose money is a good day, undoubtedly. More if you go to a casino, where the temptation is great and the wallet goes out of control.

I am sure that Steem may surprise us in the future, perhaps not very far, about its increased price.

Very beautiful picture really well published
You are a wonderful photographer

Funny, and a great walkaround. 👍🏻😄

The beautiful scenery with exceptional photo quality and accompanied by beautiful music makes it a great colony.

Wow this is wonderful place . so really. thanks for sharing. @francisk

This is excellent pictures , beautiful photography . I really like it .

Thanks for sharing @francisk
Upvote you .

Wonderful ! fantastic photography

wow. Flower is amazing. nice pick for photography. Hotel parking area and lobby is also worth to watch. Thanks for sharing nice photography. keep sharing @francisk

Wow excellent camera shots and really amazing look place.
100% like and resteem

I love my preasent life and i hope this time any parsion enjoy his life...

1st one is amazimg francis. I like 1st flowers

Danke schön 💗 sehr gut..... prima 🌷