Steemchurch Family, Let's Gear Up #SeedsOfLove - Bless Humanity with your Steem & Telos Blessings

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All glory, honour and praise to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has called us to be the lights of the world through the life of His dear son - Jesus Christ within us. I am a witness that the light of God within a man can outshine any form of darkness and bring beauty and glory to all who are a part of it.

Matthew 5: 16 (New Living Translation)

In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.

From the above scripture, Christ Jesus calls us to purpose as the light meant to shine in this darkening world where oppression, pain, poverty, sickness have had a grip of many. Our lives carrying Christ is not just meant for an empty talk, rather, His life within us is to be lived out to influence others and bring them to the consciousness of desiring this gracious Light.

Jesus Christ our model was a vivid example who did good everywhere he went while on earth. He healed the sick, he raised the dead, he fed the hungry and faint, he restored the oppressed, he forgave the guilty and sinful and beautified the rotten lives of many among other good things he did.

Today, it is our time to do good deeds that men may see the love of Christ in us. In the last update of @Steemchurch International ministries as presented, it was emphasized that we see need to support education in our various localities.

Beyond education, may we spread our tentacles to tiny deeds of love that would put a smile on the faces of families. We in Nigeria, will gear up the #SeedsOfLove project to give hope to the hopeless.

#SeedsOfLove will put Smiles on the faces of families

May we be taken aback at the Grand vision of @Steemchurch which is to show love, give freedom and liberate families. Several activities of the community has been targeted at this.

Today, I present you with #SeedsOfLove

As at today, our Telos Blessings are increasing and we see the Steem prices greening up. These are signs of more beautiful days ahead which we would celebrate. There is something we can actually do for families and individuals around us. Now look at this:

  • What can 1 TLOS do for your neighbour?
  • What can 10 TLOS do for the school children?
  • What can 1 HEART do for your neighbour?
  • How can 10 HEARTs make life better around you?
  • What can 1 Steem do in your neighbourhood?
  • How can you better the world with 10 STEEM?

Let us see what these seeming tiny blessings can do and let's have our hands on it to do them as it may turn out to a huge project in the near future.

Whilst we will be expecting your entries which should have #seedsoflove as one of the tags, @Uyobong will be tipping out NOBEL blessings. Read this post and this post for more information.

Though seeming difficult, @Sc-n will endeavour to be making daily prompts and encouragement blogs to help us chart our activities within #Seedsoflove. Like we call it seeds, it shall grow and the harvest shall be bountiful.

The idea about #SeedsOfLove is to catalyuse the spirit of sacrificial living to humanity. It is time while the blessings yet amass, that we begin to give our little from the bulk of blessings we have. This time, it should not ereally be a community effort, rather individual efforts.

Bible says, it is more blessed to give than to receive...

Your seeds of love can be as little as:

  • buying a PEN for a pupil,
  • buying a BOOK for a student,
  • giving a MEAL as obtainable in @Sc-v,
  • buying a SHOE for the shoeless,
  • giving a Clothe to cover the naked,
    and many more...

Let's rise up to be the light shinning in our dark world and begin to raise hope for families and communities. Let our actions help someone beam a smile and see how good God is.

Feel free to share a brief of what God helps you to do in #SeedsOfLove

Our Collaboration with @Marlians


We use this medium to encourage all our parishioners to begin to add #marlians as a tag each time they post their #steemchurch and goldencencer blogs. This is because we have been able to broker a good relationship with @Surpassinggoogle, creator of With this, your blogs will not only receive love from @Sniffnscurry, but will also receive great perks from @marlians curators.
#marlians is an all-content supporting tag that seeks to reward proof of humanity. If there is any where that humanity should be celebrated, it should be [email protected] where love is spread daily to about Four countries of the world.


While exposing the first strategy for our grand project in Nigeria, #ChristOurHope, we did elucidate in this post, the specific steps to be taken in @Sc-n towards restoring hope to Nigerians as follows:

  • Discipleship trainings educational institutions and churches to open up Christians to the true knowledge of God and God's expectation. We hope to raise men like Daniel, Joseph, who will rise to the ranks in politics and governance , yet will NOT compromise their faith.
  • Blockchain Awareness Campaigns in Schools and Public places.
  • Educational/School Support programs.
  • Environmental Rehabilitation programmes
  • Agricultural Innovations and developments.
  • Life Skills acquisition trainings


1. Follow @Sc-n

2. Delegate SP to @Sc-n

5000 SP2000 SP1000 SP500 SP200 SP
100 SP50 SP20 SP10 SP5 SP

3. Join the Curation Trail

4. Resteem our submissions for wider reach.

5. Declare your Membership to @Sc-n and @Steemchurch

Read here for more information about Steemchurch Nigeria

We pray God's blessings to the great supporters of Steem and Steemchurch: @Sirknight @Sniffnscurry @Darlenys01 @Theycallmedan @Destinysaid @Newhope @Charitycurator @Christian-trail @Curatorhulk @Thecryptodrive @Adollaraday @Pennsif

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Long Live @Steemchurch International Ministries
Long Live Steemchurch Nigeria - @Sc-n
Long Live Nigeria


Your Chief Servant


Lovely initiative dear parish church @sc-n

Christ is the seed of love in us and we are to transfer or give the seed to others.

Let’s do this!

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Certainly, more blessings await us as we do this.

Yeah, it's time we rise to show the light of life to the world through our good deeds.


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Yeah, it's time...

Thank you @Ricci

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Steemchurch and helping needy people looks like a good project for me.
You have got a 100% upvote.

Thank you @Achimmertens for this #nobel act. We in Steecmhurch are because there is humanity. Our motto is: Family, Love and Freedom. We are excited about the #nobel project and will love to collaborate.

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