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By popular demand I have sent out a second seed carousel package to be passed around by Lucky steemians!

What is The Seed Carousel?

The Seed Carousal is a package I loaded up with several different kinds of seeds then I shipped it off to a surprise steemian and He/She will take 2 or 3 seeds out and keep them for his garden, while adding 1 or 2 more seed packets to the package for the next person to chose from, and they will do the same. Each steemian will make a post under the Tag #SEEDBOX2 so we can all follow and keep up with the Seed Carousel package. Whoever has the Seed Carousel in December 2018 will send it back to @beatitudes.



We have a very nice selection of pumpkin, watermelon, squash, peppers and several more.
If you are the next recipient of the Seed Carousel Package try not to keep it to long before sending it out to the next Steemian and don't forget to post with the #SEEDBOX2 tag.

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courtesy of @gavinthegreat


How fun! I have so many extra seeds lying around that I keep giving to my friends. This is a genius idea!!

Thank you! and welcome back!

this is an awesome idea - but did i miss hearing about the first box?! was the idea so amazing that my brain couldn't hold on to it!?

In the cigar community, we do something very similar called a box pass with takes and puts as it travels around. The final product is quite interesting to get back with the variety from all the different choices and I'm betting the seed pass is just as unique.

Yes it should be exactly like that, but with less smoke lol

This is such an awesome idea! I wish I didn't live on the wrong side of the border. Maybe we'll have to try a Canadian edition sometime.

I think that would be awesome. There are a bunch of Canadians!

@beatitudes8 what a wonderful and fun idea. Hope it comes my way. Thanks for the idea and the post.

As do I. Good luck and Thank you!

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