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RE: Why Steem offers one of the most secure wallets in Crypto

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One point that is extremely important to add to this story.

All tokens created using the SMT protocol on the steem blockchain comes with this security. What an added benefit for someone who knows content creation but is not a crypto security expert. Instead of being dependent upon some outside individual making sure the tokens are safe, using SMT will enable one to create a token with the strong security you mention.

What an ingenious move....eliminate or at least minimize one of the biggest fears people have with cryptocurrencies....


Yeh you're right about that, STEEM is probably the best blockchain to build the SMTs on and security is a large part of the reason why. At least until EOS is launched

Just remembered what McAffee says: Everything you have on a cell phone can and will be compromized

Is that REALLY true though, not sure I would believe everyting he says...

Technically speaking, McAffee is correct unless you are paranoid about security and never even connect it to the internet or something. There is always a way.

That's pretty epic. Thanks for the info. Don't forget to add that SMT are specialized. It's a very important keyword. Specialization is the reason Dash and PIVX are going to overtake BTC. You always must have a vision and a destination for your journey.

Do you think the steemit platform will be anywhere near as influential as Facebook? It seems hard to imagine that.

It depends upon what they do with steemit. Right now, this site is a cross between reddit and blogger. It is nowhere near the functionality of Facebook. The communities feature, depending upon what that looks like, might move it closer.

The steem blockchain can be as influential. It has the ability to take over the social media world. That is how big some of the apps, if they reach their potential and SMTs can be.

I think steemit and crypto have a long way to go in being as available to the general population as things like Facebook- but I believe that it can happen. Steemit is very different from Facebook though- it's way more technical and more of a blogging site than Facebook is. If steemit were to become easier for the general layperson to use, I think that it could certainly become that popular.

it is possible. considering the rate at which it is becoming popular. it is possible.

lots of development is needed.. I invited a friend to join.. after trying one full day just to figure out how to change the profile picture she got so pissed at the process that she never logged back.. but once the system is developed and people can do things which they do in Facebook in a more efficient and faster way... and Facebook gained to attract a lot of user from the poor class by offering free facebook.. many people still can't afford to buy a laptop or a computer but with cheap androids phones.. many can easily afford to have a smart phone and so can also use Facebook without the need to buy data service... which is how Facebook managed to attract the vast population.. question is can Steemit offer the free data service like

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What an ingenious move ... to eliminate or at least minimize one of the biggest fears that people have of cryptocurrencies ...
let's hope this is positive

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