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RE: Why Steem offers one of the most secure wallets in Crypto

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Can't wait for a company to create a hardware key holder to maintain all our crypto services keys. Just the same way there are hardware wallets.


This might be a noob question, but what's the difference between a hardware key holder and a hardware wallet?

A hardware wallet is a wallet inside a pen drive, you keep your private keys yourself inside the pen drive which also adds some protection as having to push a button in order to confirrm your transactions so hackers can not get your coins. A hardware key holder would be a pen drive to store all private keys from your services so you do not need to keep them on paper which is the safest way to keep them away from hackers. A hardware key holder does not exist, at least I am not aware of, on the other side, there are several hardware wallets in the market; keepkey, trezor and ledger nano.

So a hardware key holder is basically a harddrive which has never been connected to the internet and which can store text strings? I guess I could use my Casio calculator for that purpose.

Yes, but a little bit more sofisticated and smaller so you could carry it with you and services would "take" the password from the pendrive directly instead of you typing them on the computer and having a chance to be phished by the hackers

All this is new for me as well. I've got the same question now...

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