Privex CVE Spectre and Meltdown Security Statement

in security •  10 months ago

As some people may already be aware of, there is a serious bug that affects most modern Intel CPU's, as well as various ARM and AMD CPUs. (News Post @ The Register)

At Privex we've been keeping a close eye on the issue. As far as we are aware, there are no exploits being used in the wild. We're awaiting for our vendors to release patches, and are keeping a close eye on our VPS nodes for any suspicious activity to mitigate any potential attacks.

This may or may not require VPS's to be rebooted. We will be doing our best to co-ordinate any reboots required with our Witness customers to avoid downtime where possible.

Those using our Dedicated Server products will need to take action by themselves, the patches for the exploit are being slowly rolled out to kernels and hypervisors for various OS's. Please contact your software vendors for advisory on any security patches (i.e. Microsoft, Canonical (ubuntu) etc.).

We hope to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

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Scaleway ( informed me this morning but they cannot give me a good information about the window downtime.

Thanks for this. We'll check for updates for our dedicated servers.

Thanx for share.. Sure i ll cheq it..

Everyone is waiting for an update. I just hope they will arrive before the exploits.