Internet Security: VPN ON!

in security •  last month

VPN off

I´ve drove from Olomouc to Prague by train and I´ve wanted to join onboard portal and turn on some nice movie. But it doesn´t go without VPN shutdown.

So I switched it off...

But than I realized, that I need log in on my NEXO account, because I have needed some information about it for my new article A lot of crypto, but no cash.

What happend?

10 minutes after my log out from my account, new sms arrived with messege and pin for log in!

Thanks for 2FA!

I recommend you:

  • Use VPN (great one is form AVAST)
  • Make 2FA Active on all your accounts where you have some money, or on important ones

Do you use VPN? What is your favorite? Do you have experience with security problems?

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