How Good is Your Crisis Management?

in security •  3 months ago

I was having a conversation recently about crisis management and pulled up this diagram from back in 2016. I originally created it to help organizations understand how to rate the maturity of their Data Breach response capability, but it works equally well for all manner of cyber incidents. 

One thing to note is that many organizations lack even a basic level with nothing (or nearly nothing) in place. Don't be that org!   

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Nowadays I would not want to do business with an organization who did not have anything in place.. its just too risky!


No doubt. Something to think anout when starting to do new business with different organizations.

very good insight for big corporations

it's the usefull diagram :)

Very inspiring article. I think, as a commoner, I only reduce spending and try to learn to live frugally by changing lifestyle based on needs.

why would a company risk doing business with nothing set? it doesnt make sense