Anti-Technology to the Rescue!

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I like the lessons and the story as reported by the BBC and other outlets (see below). Not the part about a ransomware infection bringing a local government agency's email to its knees, but rather how they adapted, didn't give in, or give up. They dusted off old manual analog tools, including typewriters, to maintain basic operations while the digital environment was restored.  

The lesson is to have a plan for situations when the power goes out, the phones go dead, or when digital systems become unavailable. Will employees be paralyzed in a fugue state or will they be able to adapt? Basic communications and manual tools are typically needed to sidestep total productivity loss. 

Where is your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) plan and how confident are you it will be applicable in the face of digital service loss?   

Town dusts off typewriters after cyber-attack

Government workers in a borough of Alaska have turned to typewriters to do their jobs, after ransomware infected their computer systems.

News Story and Image source:  BBC News: 


Sometimes "going back to paper" is the way to keep the business running. That was common in the early Microsoft BSOD days!

A good lesson to learn.

Going back to paper can solve a lot of digital problems I see.

at least we will still have paper when technology ceases.....hopefully