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RE: 2 Factor Authentication - Is It Enough?

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Good relief to know that Steemit wallet is so secure! :) I didn't know the difference between the two types of password verification vs. Posting Key. Yay for all of your awesome knowledge you keep providing me.


It's definitely a good habit to get into to use your Posting Key here on Steemit, that way if someone does obtain your key somehow, the worst they can do is make votes for you!
I guess they could also make some bad comments but they Do Not have access to your wallet.

ahhh... yes I was like... what are all of these passwords for! So just to clarify, I should be able to use the Posting key as my password to get into my account as well?

Yes @karensuestudios, you can log into your account using your Private Posting Key. I always use the postings key, you can also claim rewards from your wallet but if you attempt to make any transactions, you will be asked to provide your Active Private Key. This is a good way to increase security for your steemit account. I also don't store my keys on my computer.
There are some good posts about permission keys. I'll ass a link here once i find the one i had in mind.

Last day I came across an article explaining how to send an encrypted memo here on steemit. You just have to put a '#' at the very beginning of your memo. It seemed to work for everyone except me. I got an error. It turned out that it was because I was logged with my posting key only instead of my master/owner key.

I was very surprised because this meant that everybody was using their master/owner key to log in maybe without even knowing it.

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