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Ever since the second decade of the introduction of bitcoin to the world's economy, the market of cryptocurrency has been encountering high and low value for the digital assets.
Also, there has been a micro global percentage of the entire world's population that involves in the trading of the thousands of digital currencies. Out of the few population involved in its trading, many are scams.
Those that were legit lose their asset due to lack of adequate security on the part of the currency transaction platforms.
To address these problems and ensure the safety of crypto and its transaction, volentix was created.


There exist some solid applications which serves as the basis for volentix blockchain and they are the key factors in the success of the platform. These includes:


1. Venue
The Venue is a planned community that is highly dynamic for the alignment and recruitment of members of this platform to join in the facilitation of its native token and to also help in the of awareness of the initiative of the platform.

2. Verto
Verto is the platform's multi-currency wallet which is to be used in conjunction with the VDEX exchange. This was put in place for the facilitation of the security of private keys that will be used during the peer to peer transactions. The management of both the public and private key will be done properly using local management approach.
The reason for this approach of management is to totally eradicate the risk associated with loss of stake due to failure of the central operation.

3. Vespucci
The vision for the Vespucci is to serve as an analytics engine that can be accessed through an interface that is user-friendly. It will as well function as a real-time treasure troves of the market information. This market information are; analysis of sentiment and ratings.

One of the best and secure platform to transact your crypto is Volentix platform and l can assure you that you will enjoy your transaction with this platform.
For more detailed informations, visit:
Website : https://volentix.io/
Telegram : https://t.me/volentix
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Volentix
Whitepaper : https://s3.ca-central-1.amazonaws.com/volentix/VDexWhitePaper.pdf

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