Steemit target _blank vulnerability inspection

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Example of exploit of the "target _blank" vulnerability
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The vulnerability in this case is not exploited because steemit does not open by default the above link (and links in general) in a new tab.

Steemit though uses target _blank for many other links on their platform. That means that if any of those third party websites are compromised a phishing attack could be performed on the steemit webpage.

Feel free to download the script and try it locally simply changing the links to use a local path like "file:///C:/Users/your-username/Documents/test.html" and redirect to a fake login page like this:
fake login page smaller.png

See my previous bug report for details on this potential bug and common solutions:


Internet is a safe place!! (..not)

The attack does not work on Steemit. I tested it on all major browsers changing on client site the links that use target _blank to point to the page that redirects the original tab to a phishing page. The original tab (Steemit) was not redirected thanks to their use of noreferrer noopener in the links that use target _blank.

The problem though is that it works like a charm on all major social media platforms!
Posting something like the link above ( eg. ) as a facebook comment or post, the new opened tab is easily able to redirect the original tab into a phishing page.

Affected browsers and social media platforms:

  • Chrome: Linkedin
  • Edge: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter (warning displayed for the latter)
  • Firefox: Facebook, Linkedin
  • Opera: Facebook, Linkdein
  • Safari: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter (warning displayed for the latter)
  • ...

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This is not XSS.

Also, Steemit already does this. SanitizeConfig.js, line 180.

            if (!href.match(/^(\/(?!\/)|https:\/\/ {
                // = '_blank' // pending iframe impl
                attys.rel = highQualityPost ? 'noopener' : 'nofollow noopener';
                attys.title = getExternalLinkWarningMessage();

The attack doesn't work for me (I'm running Firefox).


It's not an XSS attack per se but if one of the trusted sites, A, has been compromised by an XSS attack, with the ability to inject a script then this attack can be leveraged to also compromise the access credentials to site B (steemit in this case) by redirecting the login attempt on site B to a malicious imitation of site B's login page.

AFAIK nofollow and noopener don't fix the issue on Safari and other old versions of popular browsers.

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