It scares me that I give out too much information

in security •  2 months ago

I've done a little of research lately that was terrifying to me. The things anyone can easily sniff out from the internet. @nonsowrites made a post asking "Does it scare you that might be giving out too much information?" My answer is: Hell yes. It does.

A different measure for different situations

Ideally, we'd have transparency for company and governmental actions, secrecy for our personal lives. Not sharing is important, but It's not just about turning our pasts against us, but because of the shitty humans general.

People could use anything to bully others who they disagree with, from little things like their school grades or hobbies up until extremes like racism and homophobia. Also, if everyone would be instantly subject to the law, we'd live in fear of being punished for every little thing.

It might be easier to just write down that long-ass password and keep it safe along with a few paper backups than opening yourself up to the unknown. They can be cracked if they don't use steemit's password security rules. An AI could get cracked just the same.

Using the same measure for everything culminates into the double-edged sword problem. Technology? Smart people build, smart people break. Human minds? Good people build, bad people break.

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wow, I goy mentioned twice today. thank you.

An AI could get cracked just the same.

so can people's passwords. My point is secrecy might not be the best approach when it comes to security. we need to explore other ways like what we are doing with the blockchain technology and biometric verification. your thumb print isn't a hidden thing but without it, depending on the phone you are using, no one can access it.

about sharing information. Imagine a world where no one have secrets, eveeything is online to download. it will definitely ease the fear that comes with people knowing stuff about because guess what? you can know stuff about them too, this for me will be an equal bargain


so can people's passwords

No, passwords can take several decades to breach while using some of today's best technology available. They are either sniffed off the internet using search algorithms and previous online leaks, therefore secrecy helps, or brute forced, which is covered by password complexity like it is on steemit.

Therefore, the best way to keep your steemit account safe is by generating a new password on a 100% clean computer then writing the password down on paper and backing it up, never storing it online.

Imagine a world where no one have secrets, eveeything is online to download. it will definitely ease the fear

Fear in a completely controlled enviroment comes from those with authority, not other commoners who are also helpless against unfair law enforcement and power abuse.

You're from Africa, right? I'm sure you've heard how religious leaders in some of the nigerian territory are terrorizing the population so they can get them to not vote on the upcoming elections. Imagine how full citizen transparency would affect that country.

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this days we puts too much of information to the internet. We don't even see that. Only doing daily things we leave after out time in net so many data, that you can't imagine.

@vijbzabyss knows more about it, he is specialist :D

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