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RE: Warning to users using third party applications - Be extremely careful providing your keys to anyone or any site!

in #security4 years ago

This might sound stupid but is your password (item #2 in your post) and your owner key (item #1 in post) the same thing?


Yes, although actually when you are logging in to it is actually better to be logging in with your "posting key" rather than your "password".

How do I find out my posting Key? I'm not seeing it in my settings or FAQs, and I didn't create an account using FB or reddit.

Go to your wallet page and click the "Permissions" tab.

helpful to know - thanks for your help man!

Also, the keys you see are probably the public keys. Most likely you will need to click the button to the right of each key that says "show Private key" in order to see the private keys. It is the PRIVATE keys that you will be using to log in with, NOT the public keys. I suggest copying and pasting those private keys to a text file and saving the file on a memory stick PLUS printing it out as well in case of memory stick failure. Another thing to be aware of is that a q can be mistaken for a g.

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