Exodus AMA: Wallet Security

in #security2 years ago

Some of the most common questions we see come through our support inbox are related to keeping funds safe- and with good reason. Crypto is uncharted territory for many, and even the veterans of the industry are still possibilities and utilities brought to us by this technology.

Recently we took to Facebook for a chance to answer your questions live, in our first video AMA. Hosted by Davey Z and Leah P- two rockstar members of our support team- this is the first in a series of AMAs focused on helping you safely manage your assets- both in and out of Exodus. Enjoy, and comment below any questions you'd like to see answered in our next AMA!


I just randomly recieved .0088 bitcoin in my exodus wallet which i haven't shared with anyone except for the exchanges I use.... any cause for concern or should i just thank the bitcoin gods?

Personally, I wouldn't be concerned about simply receiving funds as unless there is an unauthorized outgoing transaction, there is no cause for concern. Although, if you would like us to take a closer look at it for you we would be more than happy to!

Just send an email to us at [email protected] and one of our support team members will gladly see what they can find!

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