Biometrics Are A Poor Lock and Key

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This is why I NEVER use biometrics to unlock my phone, or any other device... if I can help it. Once the data is stolen, you cannot change it. Your fingerprints are always your fingerprints and your face is your face. Once those are compromised, you can't get a new one!

Don't do it!


This is really a test of the AltYes plugin, and so far it hasn't been working right. Sorry for the weird posts. I don't want to plagarize, so I'm just going to post the first paragraph of the article. Check it out!

A web server containing records of about 76,000 unique fingerprints was left exposed on the internet, researchers said Wednesday. The unsecured fingerprint data, as well as employee email addresses and telephone numbers, had been collected by Brazilian company Antheus Tecnologia.

Here is the rest of the article!

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Quick question - would you allow posting SciFi content in the SF community in German as well?

If you were to provide even a rough Google translation to English, yes.

OK, I can translate the whole text in English via Deepl/Google, but in English it may not sound like literature anymore :) But worth a try!

Thanks! I think it's fine if you put the German first with maybe an English tip at the top indicating that if you scroll down there's an "English version" so it doesn't get in the way of your original post.

Sounds like a good plan, thanks!

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