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RE: Why Steem offers one of the most secure wallets in Crypto

in #security3 years ago

I agree a hundred percent and that is what makes Steem Power a very good place to park your money. A lot of people are making huge amounts of money on the crypto market right now, but when things get shaky I think a lot will come back to Steemit and put atleast some of the funds here. They say "you should be your own Bank" Steemit is a good option



Doesn't the inflation make Steem less valuable in the long term?

The inflation does dilute the the value, however, compared to the increase in demand this inflation doesn't have such a big impact I think

Not if it's powered up, you don't lose to inflation.

"Self-Banking"...there's no one you can trust more than yourself

That is very true ! And this way definitely beats putting paper money in your mattress hehe

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Just need to figure out how to work everything first.. and what it all means!

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