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Scalability; this is one of the trending features of the blockchain space. It is no longer news that current blockchains are yet to be scalable thus the reason why most are yet to be adopted into current systems, most especially the financial systems. This is because, the speed of current blockchains can't be compared with that of current systems like Visa, thus the reason why they are still being preferred. What actually is scalability to a layman? Scalability of a blockchain can be said to mean when a blockchain is fast, secure, efficient, easily accessible and poses no risk to the environment. When this is achieved, the adoption of blockchain on a global scale will be possible.

Just like in the world today, there are different innovation with each aiming to solve the problem found in the other so as to keep a competitive advantage, the same is with the crypto space. The first blockchain was Bitcoin and owing to its lack of speed led to other blockchains but yet scalability is found wanting, thus the advent of Temtum.



Like earlier stated, most platforms are created to solve the issues found in others, this is a tip of what Temtum is all about.
To begin with, the issues which Temtum aims to solve in existing cryptocurrencies, as well as peer-to-peer blockchain network, are scalability in addition to speed, security and high resource requirements whose end result has always been to limit adoption.

Temtum blockchain is different not just in terms of underlying technology but always in terms of the team within. Within Temtum team is a group from Dragon Infosec who are responsible for developing the Temporal Blockchain; thus with this technology, Temtum combined it with its innovative Consensus Algorithms and "AI-powered Performance Integrity Protocol" thereby removing the need for network competition using an outstanding quantum effect randomness technology while drastically improving network efficiency.

Moreover, with Temtum utilizing all these innovative technologies, the team succeeded in creating a blockchain network which is fast, quantum secure, environmentally friendly and highly scalable. This means that Temtum accompanying cryptocurrency has been developed in such a way that it can be integrated into existing payment system as well as being a standalone cryptocurrency which can be easily accessible by every user thus exposing them to the benefits of blockchain such as feeless transactions.

Temtum And Blockchain Adoption
Since blockchain adoption harbours around speed, security etc, Temtum aims to ensure that all is taken into consideration.
First, Temtum will ensure its blockchain is scalable via the use of Temporal technology thereby eliminating the need for Temtum blockchain to store the entire chain history on all nodes. This is achieved by locally archiving data in addition to preventing competition in node selection. The positive end result of this is, there will be no need for high resources in this way allowing users to join the blockchain network irrespective of their devices.
Secondly, speed matters too and Temtum built its network to be fast and efficient with the only limitations being based on the type of hardware and bandwidth the users are participating with. Owing to the type of consensus algorithm within Temtum as well as the removal of block size, transactions are processed quickly while confirmation takes 12 seconds.

In addition, since Temtum blockchain aims to be environmentally friendly, it uses a consensus algorithm where there is no need for mining thus using substantially less energy.
The last but not the least is security. In terms of security, Temtum uses technologies such as a photon source for genuine random number generation and cutting edge hashing algorithms thus being a quantum-secure blockchain network. With this, Temtum will be able to repel theoretical and quantum attacks.











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