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RE: Winners of Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 19

Thank you for the challenge. This contest is really a good motivation to practise to play as errorless as possible. It still is an effort. A piece of three or four minutes is as long as I can manage at the moment. Playing a complete prelude and fugue in one go more or less errorless is still beyond me...


This is wonderful to know that our little contest helps you sit down on the organ bench more often... Ever tried improvising on the organ?

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I did improvise when I still did church services. But I was never really satisfied with my improvisations. It is my intention to return to it and learn it properly. But it still has to happen...

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I know your taste is better than your skill therefore it's frustrating to improvise not on that level. But you have to start somewhere. So it's best to start where you are...

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