Allein zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ (Georg Friedrich Kauffmann)

5 done, 58 to go! This chorale prelude has two verses - in the first, pedals have the choral tune played with the Posaune 16' stop and the hand part plays in imitation on Principal 8' and Octav 4'. In the second much gentler verse, I play the choral on Octav 4' and Cornet 2' in the pedals and the hands on Gedackt 8' and 4'. The more I play Kauffmann's music, the more I love the colours, especially when the tempo is moderate like here. I have played this piece using Altenbruch sample set by Sonus Paradisi of Hauptwerk VPO.

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Our Hauptwerk setup:

Secrets of Organ Playing - When You Practice, Miracles Happen!


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What a magic sound! beautiful interpretation 🤩

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