Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 38

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This is my entry. I played 'Jesu, meine Freude' by J. L. Krebs.

I didn't plan to record an entry for this week. But I came to Sts Johns to help @organduo to tune an organ. He unplanned needed to leave me with organ for some time. So I recorded it in slow tempo. I hope you will like it 😊

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It's a nice stop indeed and very suitable for this composition.

What I don't understand is: the image is the wrong way around. What in the video seems like your left hand is in reality your right hand. Did you film in a mirror? Or is it the front camera of your phone that is in mirror mode?

Besides that minor technical issue: well done! I admire your drive to practise and get better. "Jesu meine Freude" is a beautiful melody and Krebs did a great job in his harmonisation. Playing slowly while practising is what we both learned from @organduo.

If I might make a small suggestion? Try playing more from the fingers and less from the wrist. Playing from the wrist is good for the heavy stuff. This piece from Krebs is not heavy, and it would benefit from a more delicate touch. The clarity of playing you already have, would be augmented by a lighter touch in this piece.
I think.
It's for you to try out of course. and I'd love to hear whether or not it works better in a future recording of yours. If not, I'll take the blame... ;-)

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Thank you for comment
About my camera: I don't understand why it looks like I was using mirror to film this video (I didn't use it). I used front camera.

Ok, I will try to use your advise. When I play this organ, I need to press keys a bit stronger than on organ I usually play

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Yay! I like the Flute stop on the organ. What is it like playing this organ compared to the one you usually play?

It is quite different. On this organ I need to press keys stronger than on organ I usually play. Especially one F key (I hope I remember good). Also there are muuuch more stops.

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