What is Going On In Seattle?

in seattle •  4 months ago

I live in the region, but not in Seattle. But I listen to Dori Monson's radio show whenever I can. https://mynorthwest.com/category/podcast_results/?sid=1004&n=The%20Dori%20Monson%20Show

It seems that the Seattle City Council is allowing and enforcing local policies that are very damaging to the city. Homelessness is out of control. Crime is growing, small businesses are being forced out because the streets and sidewalks are getting too dangerous. I just heard a story about the amount of crime that happens in the area of the city around the King County Courthouse. Apparently no one is safe in that area anymore. Judges, jurors, witnesses, journalists and all manner of people have been attacked in recent months. They have been victims of being spat upon, physically attacked, had feces thrown at them, etc. This is crazy. I was in that area, just one block over yesterday afternoon. Fortunately, I did not see anything during the brief moments that I was outside on the sidewalk and street. But now I don't want to go to that area anymore.

The city council and mayor's policies are preventing police officers from doing an effective job according to several reports I have heard. Apparently, heroin drug use and needles are frequently visible in many areas of the city. Homeless people are camping on city sidewalks and are allowed to stay there.

I have heard numerous reports of brutal attacks on people that were unheard of a short number of years ago. Seattle is a beautiful city with great people, and this is so sad to hear.

I have to say: What is wrong with people? Have the leaders gone mad?

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