QUARTRAINIUM 91: That smelly, crazy, homeless lady, on the METRO, in Bellevue? (yeah - that's you in 10 years, minus the METRO)

in seattle •  last year

ORANGE CAKE for the jesters, as the banquet is prepared for all supplicants of the Nestorian Empire. Channels stay closed, ships and messages not sent - as the sun rises twice in one day. Ugly, black, purple, lightning, the taste of metal in a dog's mouth - the vigil discounted by those who are without merit.

The orangutan lords, now clustering along the swamps of yore, cannot but bicker and chide - for they are losing, and the crystal palace will turn to glass very soon ... very soon indeed.

Henry the Forgotten allies with the lost bishop of Normandy, "time for more beatings!" is all Henry can say. Children of dead lands are without proper lineage and sent to the fortress of the ancient city of JUMOZ.

"WE SHALL DIE ALONGSIDE OUR ETERNAL BROTHERS!" - shrieked the general, before his cadre.

Now the time is NIGH ... a time when only rats and roaches will be known as KINGS!

(who desires lordship over a wasteland of swollen regret?)

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