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A chalice filled with red fury is presented to the KING. Lords of Jest surround the court, as the orangutan KING is mocked, but his keen eye stops, as his gaze becomes enchanted by the 7 princesses of Persia. A liquid salve is spread upon the dark souls of all attending -- and neolithic priests, from caves enormous, barter for spiritual release.

Terrence, the money-changer, raises the stakes in this race to nowhere. ZIPANGU bars the door, as the samurai rise from ashes and display their mortal wounds. Deadly storms rock the waters, and more than a few are swallowed by whales.

Cancer and Gemini are locked in lover's dance of mead and disdain - telltale signs of exhaustion as the Londoners chase dreams down the shaft. Dusky folk, covered in rags, chase the sentinels from allies and wharves and those lost regions of pity and broken souls.

Magic numbers for tomorrow: { 22457, 564988222, 34.8898, 122.566, 67/117 }

For more prophecy ...

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Hey, I was just checking in for the word of the day... Got it, Thanks. Now on to the dictionary and thesaurus. Next to figure out how I am going to use "Neolithic" in a sentence today. Hmmmm, I hope it has a common enough meaning :}


CLOWNADAMUS is the most important prophecy on STEEMIT or elsewhere ... the original is published for free download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yo5kW8pk1P0-_LMeGiw_mz2DLsWVLqYN/view OR on AMAZON KINDLE here: http://a.co/3WSQwMI


????? Prophecy? HUH???? I just googled that clownadamus- word, and a post by you came up at the top of the search engine with the most bizzare content about some queens smelly trunk junk. lol


Yes ... very deep meaning ... the deepest meanings that can be found on the WWW.