why all #steem dapps (mainly games) need to be thinking like fortnite does with season passes.

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Season 8 just dropped from fortnite, another time when you’ll have to pay out a bunch of coins/money (crypto?) to get the battle pass so you can work your way through the quests and adventures so you can level up and collect the skins for this season — it’s proved hugely powerful for epic in that it gives them a definite income stream boost every few months when the new expansion (or season) is launched.

It’s not like they need it however… but gamers need content and they need it often, if you wanna maintain the eyeballs you gotta keep the fresh content coming, new layouts, new weapons, new abilities — they are often happy to drop the cash on the new features.

Epic Games banked $3 billion in /profit/ this year mostly thanks to Fortnite

we need to think like epic

we need to start using some of this ‘expected’ secret source when it comes to dapps — seasonal passes for additional content for games or add-ons or features as a ‘pro’ user for the blockchain powered project that you are building out.

Think about this for a minute, we have 150 million potential fortnite players that might want to get into crypto, want a cheap way in, are making streaming money or are taking part in the $100 million physical contests that epic are putting on, in a day/weekend these gamers can go from zero to hundreds of thousands of dollars — perfect gamers to invest in @steemmonsters and @drugwars type style games.

positioning the attention beams

Other games are currently copying this model of doing business with games, loot packs, loot chests, paying a subscription fee to get the latest and greatest skins, unlocks and bragging rights — it works, it’s proven and it’s something all dapp developers should be considering.

one team to work on the game, core and marketing efforts and the other team to work on building out content and media for the seasonal passes, we already have some great people in the community working on some subscription style code for doing re-up on the billing side.

what would it look like?

Well, maybe in drug wars it could be a dedicated skin, web site look, dedicated portal that all gang members have to pay to get, maybe with steem monsters it could be completely different card skins from retro games, films or voted on favourite all time sci fi themed characters.

Heck even @partiko could get in the season pass style of things by offering some additional features inside the app, styling touch, custom web frontends, abilities to promote something for a period of time inside the app, whatever way you go about it, people like the idea of ‘unlocking’ things, even if sometimes it only is an ‘appearance’ level upgrade, it’s bragging rights and people love it.

I’m co-hosting tonight on the GAME show with @pennsif if you want to come and talk about all things like this over on his new show tonight!



The thing is to have a fully functional dapp that can deliver on content that's engaging but these are some points you hit I feel like people are cooking up something that will blow our minds in the shadows

At least this Battle Pass is maybe the worst i ever seen on this game also the changings this time are awful also the new sounds are crazy... but only my 2 cents ;)

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