SEAPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST • WEEK 57 - Sea And Sunsets - hosted @marcallaria - Join Steemit and take part in this contest too :)

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Here is my entry for SEAPHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST • WEEK 57 - Sea And Sunsets - kindly hosted @marcallaria
Thanks for a great contest for all Steemians to enter :)

I took this at Cape St Francis, while on an evening walk on Rocky Coast Farm. As you can see the coastline is wild and beautiful.
Gold and orange melting into one.

The sunset was beautiful and made our walk more exciting and inspiring.
Added a frame to accentuate the photo.

Credit - Canon 400 D

Enjoy your day

Thanks for the up-votes and support

God Bless :)

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Thanks so much😊

Beautiful sunset view

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Yes it was a spectacular one. Thanks 😊

That is an absolutely SPECTACULAR photo @dianadee! Really incredible!

Thanks for the appreciative comment appreciate up-votes too:)🍒

My pleasure xxx