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Trade is the part and parcel of our daily existence, we buy and sell stuff, put value to the goods we buy relaying on our personal observation as well as with the authenticity the brand promises. How many times do we depend on our eyes & brain to identify whether the product we are buying is real or fake. It seems almost impossible to get on top of everything like that. There is an immense challenge on the part of consumers & equally on the part of genuine producers because of counterfeiting. This is the problem in our existing trading pattern of goods, which leaves a massive gap area to be worked on. As counterfeiters are getting smarter day by day, we need a better alternative to solve this problem.

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Seal identified that and has come up with a solution, protecting the value of world's most beloved brands using a cutting edge blockchain and NFC technology.

Here's how they describes it works:

"Products are manufactured with embedded seal chip, this chip is linked to information on the seal network, a completely secure platform. Which leverages completely secure blockchain database. Consumers can easily scan the chip with seal app to verify its authenticity and get product information. The dynamic NFC chip provides a unique code with every interaction, this makes it impossible to duplicate, with seal app consumers can have ownership of the product and when consumers buy products with seal token, they directly claim ownership of the product as well. This helps theft prevention and insurances processes, once products changes the owner a small fee is paid to the brand, for the first time in the history, brands can earn money from the second hand trade.
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Using the power of blockchian authenticity can be checked and ownership can be transferred from decades from now even the product itself is discontinued"
Source: https://seal.network
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whitpaper: https://seal.network/seal-whitepaper.pdf

Seal service:

• Verify Authenticity
• Register ownership
• Transfer ownership
• Theft-Prevention
• Track Parallel Trade
• Product Recalls
• Product Analytics
• Custom Integration


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Source: https://seal.network

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ICO detail:

The Seal tokens shall be distributed after the crowdsale to all purchasers who pass KYC and AML checks
Soft cap: 36 M tokens
Hard cap: 492 mill
Minimum buy: 0.1 Eth
Currency accepted: Eth
ICO sale price: 0.08 usd
Platform: Ethereum

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Seal Networks is starting their Official Bounty Program to reward our Supporters!
The program will commence immediately and run until the end of the Token Sale on May 27, 2018
A total 6MM Seal tokens or 1.25% of Seal tokens available for public sale are reserved for the Bounty Program.
The total Bounty Pool will be allocated as follows:

10% Reddit Campaign
10% Facebook Campaign
10% Twitter Campaign
10% Slack/Telegram Campaign
10% Creative Campaign (Artwork & Videos)
5% Creative Development (Ideas)
20% Articles, Reviews, Publications
Bounty link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3217735.msg33455942#msg33455942

Follow links:
WEBSITE: https://seal.network
WHITEPAPER: https://seal.network/seal-whitepaper.pdf

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