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My fascination with the relevance of fractals continues.

Steem becomes a fractal. A new iteration, seemingly created through the forces chaos. Humanities deep seated desire to bring order to the chaos of experience rings alarm bells in our psyche. Is this really chaos, or is it the natural order of things disguised in complexity?

To quote from a previous title in my journal, 'There is no struggle...' . The struggle is derived from the reluctance to let go of a cherished model of reality who's relevance is fading. Embrace the chaos as the highest order of all things. See what is, rather than what was. Each iteration is an unfolding truth, filling the infinite void of uncertainty. An emergent truth that points towards the absolute that is beyond perception. Trust in its nature and principle and follow the golden thread of life.

Chaos looks messy, but in reality, it is there to dispel our illusions.

May your day be filled with chaos and uncertainty, for surely truth resides in this paradox.



This is a great piece of writing and leaves much to ponder. I love the fractal image you chose! And it is good to see you back again! We miss you at PYPT and were wondering about you recently, whether you are doing well! 😊

Good to see you still going strong too, @thekittygirl. I am doing well. Thanks for asking. :-)

I'm working long hours and many days in the week, and this affords me the resources to continue to recreate my life.

Time on the other hand is at a premium. I barely have time to wash my clothes and keep up the pace. Make hay while the sun shines is my refrain. A time will come when I don't have the work, and time will be plentiful.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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