Snakehead Fish!!!

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Have you ever been heard about this fish? He is a television star who once appeared in CSI series. Well, this one is not cute or friendly. Here are some interesting facts about snake head fish known as fish Zilla like Godzilla in water with razor sharp teeth and aggressive nature. Many countries are afraid of this fish including the USA. This fish is also known as Frankenfish, Malabar snakehead, red snakehead and also ‘fish from hell.' Now you may get an idea how dangerous is the snakehead fish.

Snakehead fish is the most notorious fish in the world causing damage to ecology and stable populations. There are no natural predators for this fish, and it causing a threat to other fish species. Snakehead fish is an invasive species. So it can’t be kept as pets. The giant snakehead (Channa micropeltes) is known to be the monster and most aggressive snakehead. Due to the position of eyes in the posterior ventral side of the head just like snakes, this fish is named snakehead fish. And this fish is under familyChannidae.

One of the interesting facts about snakehead fish is it can breathe atmospheric air as well as air in the water. Due to less consumption of oxygen in the water makes this fish a perfect hunter with power and efficiency. Another characteristic of snakehead fish is that it can survive up to 4 days on land. This fish is believed to be originated from the Himalayas in the Indian subcontinent. If this fish introduced into the natural habit of other species, the population becomes unstable. Due to this invasive nature, it is tough to keep this fish under control. Due to the aggressive behavior of this fish, transportation and selling is illegal in many parts of the world including 16 states in the USA and Canada!

Snakehead fish can grow a length of 2-3 feets. But there are some exceptional reports that some fisherman caught the snakehead fish twice the size of the normal snakehead fish. It’s not easy to keep this fish as a pet in your aquarium. You’ll need a gigantic aquarium to keep this fish. You have to provide large amount food for this fish. Snakehead fish is a top level carnivorous fish. So it’ll eat almost anything you provide including your hands or finger. In northern parts of India and Vietnam snakehead fish is using as food known as Ca Loc, ca Qua, or Ca Chuoi. I think it is not a good idea to keep this demon as your friend.DQmWpisRXDF56mV3DgzzPUxb3R2ozseR48YVr2YKtwtrBcV.gif

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