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Fill in the blanks. (4- marks )
(a) Displacement is defined as the distance travelled along a _____ direction.
(b) Energy is the _____ to do work.
(c) The normal temperature is _____ ℉.
(d) The ice point is 0℃ in celsius scale and _____ K in kelvin scale.

  1. In the equation s =v0t + 1/2at2 ,s,v0 and a are magnitudes of the respective vector quantities.
    Write down the equation in vector form.
    A vector of magnitude 5 units is inclined at an angle 37° to the x axis . Find the magnitudes
    of the vector components along x and y axis. ( 5- marks )

  2. Which of the following quantities are scalars and which are vectors?
    (a) speed (b) velocity (c) average velocity (d) acceleration (e) displacement.
    A particle starting from rest moves along a straight line with a constant acceleration of 2 ms-2.
    What is the velocity of the particle 9 s after it started from rest? ( 5- marks )

Answer ALL Questions
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  1. (a) Is work a vector or scalar? Define “energy”. A wooden sphere of mass 0.15 kg is thrown
    with a velocity of 30 ms-1 .Find the kinetic energy of the sphere. (4-marks )
    (b) Define “work” . Write down the unit of work in SI system. A woman push a child, who is
    riding a tricycle, with a 200N force. The tricycle moves a distance of 2m and the work done
    by the woman is 100J. Find the angle between the force and the displacement. (4-marks )

  2. (a) Define speed and vel (4-marks )
    (b) A body moving with a constant acceleration reach the velocity 4ms-1 after 10s. If the
    body start from rest , find the velocity after (a) 12s (b) 14s (c) 16s (d) 18s. Draw the
    velocity time graph for the interval 10 s to 18 s. From the graph , find the velocities at
    8s and 20s. (4marks )
    P.T.O →

  1. (a) State law of conservation of momentum. ( 4 marks )
    A 30g bullet moving at a constant velocity hits a wooden block of mass 3kg and continues
    to travel at the velocity of 2 ms-1 together with the block. What is the velocity of the bullet
    when it hits the block?
    (b)A 0.2kg marble is at rest on a smooth table. Another marble of mass 0.1 kg moving at
    a constant velocity of 10 ms-1 towards the east hits this marble and it recoils to the west
    with the velocity of 5ms-1. Find the velocity of the marble which was at rest? ( 4 marks )

  2. (a) In order to weight a body in the laboratory, a uniform plank of wood AB 3 m long and
    having a mass of 8kg is pivoted about a point 0.5 m from A. The boy stands 0.3m from A
    and a mass of 2 kg is placed 0.5m from B in order to balance the


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