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Do you want to fight inequality, end poverty or stop climate change until 2030? Would you like to do this together with other Steemians? We want to invite you to a journey towards a better world. Our goal is a global movement empowered by Steem, contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

We are ImpactN. A family business with broad experience in impact management and community building. Our mission is to set up a truly SOCIAL network for all those engaging for the better of people and planet. Our approach: scaling social impact through the power of networks. To those not so familiar with the topic: social impact describes the result of actions for good.

How will this work?
All over the world people work on similar problems: taking plastic out of the ocean, supply clean water for drinking, banking the unbanked. And they keep reinventing the same things over and over just because there is no place to find people working on equal challenges, to copy their solutions or to collaborate with them. LinkedIn, Facebook and Google simply don’t focus on social impact. Their algorithms are designed for different things.
Seeing this, there is a strong need for a social network for those working for a better world. And it shouldn’t stop with collaboration. Funding for impactful projects should be made easier as well. Exactly this is what we want to enable – globally.

Why on Steem?
At Steemfest3 we got an overwhelming feedback from the community. Obviously it is a matter very close to the heart of many a Steemian to see a social cause with a high potential for mass adoption of the blockchain. As a result several Steemians already declared their willingness to push the project forward. This makes the emerging social network SOCIAL right from the beginning. It belongs to everybody eager to change our world to the better – for people and planet.

Furthermore, Steem’s curation mechanisms can help identify and bring forward impactful projects. This is how it will work: a project (idea) is posted with a specific social impact claim, such as “save the bees” or better “enhance the number of bees in buzz-town by 50%”. A community then discusses the cause, helps develop the project further and pushes it forward through upvotes, rewards and donations. The (fake) screenshot attempts to visualize this basic functionality:

Screenshot Bees.jpg

Finally, the way Steem works, it offers incentives for co-creation. Every valuable comment, every hint that helps a project move on, gets rewards as well. Doing so, there is a true alignment of social and financial goals. No other platform, no other blockchain offers this.

We would be glad, if you would join the journey to scaling social impact globally. How can you help? Well, that’s easy. We’ll have a call to action at the end of every single blogpost.

This week it is: Please leave one comment! Share your thoughts on where this journey should take us. Or how the journey could look like. Many thanks for that.


I like this idea, and am curious how it will go! We've done lots of little deeds here on Steemit and have many ongoing charitable groups, like @adollaraday and @schoolforsdg4

Hi @phoenixwren. We're already going full steam :-) ahead. We'll post more about what is already going on next week. If you have any more hints on charitable groups, please let us know. Thanks and all the best.

This is a fantastic initiative, just the to cheer me up this morning and take me away from all the doom and gloom. Thank you @shanibeer for the tag.
As @shanibeer has said, their are already some great projects ongoing and I think if you could cordinate and curate tags for us to follow. Or perhaps choose one catagory and run a monthly action plan, something simple but effective that as many people as possible can join in. I look forward to following you and seeing what you come up with. Thank you and best wishes :-)

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Thanks @gentmartin. Coordinating tags is definitely a good way to start and a first step into a good matchmaking. What would you think about a general tag like #globalgoalsfeed. It's probably better than #SDG because people may grasp the meaning immediately or at least get curious about what these gobal goals may be. I'm already in contact with the guys from #travelfeed and will ask them how they organise their group. All the best. @impactn

Okay, I've read the post properly now 😊
I think the key will be finding communities who are already thinking and doing some of this ... some tags might be #ecology #savethebees or more likely #savethebeebutts ... did you come across @cleanplanet at steemfest? #cleanplanet might be another good tag that will help you find and connect with some steemians that will help you spread the word and grow the network (also #litterwalks #plogging).
I think for each goal you may need to do a little outreach and build some connections to help you with that goal. I'm tagging a few people who may be able to bring some other ideas: @phoenixwren @hickorymack @steevc @gentmartin @revisesociology @khackett

Hi @shanibeer, many thanks for kicking this of. First step should definitely be to find and collect all these precious little jewels distributed within in the Steemians- community. From your experience, what is the best way to get into contact with the people you mentioned? I'm still a little bit confused within this mix of discord, and comunicating via comments.

It may be worth speaking to @pennsif. He set up @dollaraday, a charitable giving account, so he would have some ideas about how to engage Steemians. He also has a radio programme, perhaps you could be a guest and talk about what you are doing? There would be an audience who could also contribute ideas. Now I've summoned him, @pennsif may come by (he has had problems with broadband this week) or you can find him on discord @pennsif#9921.
My other suggestion is that you need someone who can fulfill a community manager role for you - searching out tags and people for you and engaging with them to grow your audience/supporters. Maybe you have someone in your team already or maybe you could find someone through @oracle-d?

Oh I just love this idea!!!! Thank you for bringing it to my attention @shanibeer. 😊

I could see this being utilized by smts most definitely! You've got my full support. 👏👏

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Many thanks for your support @khakett. Please let me know, when you know about a good examples as well.

@Impactn have you heard about @Cleanplanet? don't hesitate to check out there Steemit account. :)

Thanks for coming by 😊

Welcome to steemit @impactn.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Found you here, too :)

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Thank you so much for your interest!

This is a wonderful idea! Can't wait to see it in action. 😍

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