Little Progress on my male Angel Sculpture

in sculpture •  8 months ago 

Little Progress on my male Angel Sculpture


Some of you maybe remember, that I started a male angel sculpture a while ago.
I finally found time to continue to work at him and nearly finished the sculpting part on his face. He still needs some adjustments and sanding and of course..painting.
The eyes are handmade by me, too. I sculpted the head from polymerclay (LivingDoll) and to paint the face, I will use genesis paints.


I´m extremely busy at the moment so this is it for now.
I hope you like him so far and you all are fine!

Have a wonderful creative day! 🎨

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I always appreciate your support, thank you!

It's coming along nicely! I would like if you post more here but I know you're busy (because you said so lol) so I will settle to wish for a good day to you, Maysi :).


Thank you @scrawly! :-) Yes, I would love to post more, too :-(
But I think in december, everything here calms a little down so that I have more time :-)

he has such a beautiful face, @maysi-art <3 i love this ! really looking forward to seeing this one finished <3


Thanks you much @veryspider!! :-)
I´m really excited how he will turn out. He is the tallest male sculpture I ever made and a GIANT compared to the mostly 1:12 scale ones I did in the last few month.

It looks interesting so far. I can't wait to see it finished. 😃


Thank you very much @trincowski!! :-)

Oh Wahnsinn! Wieder eine neue Mini-Figur. :)
Das ist so unglaublich wie du es schaffst so fein zu arbeiten, ehrlich. Das fasziniert mich immer wieder.


Vieeelen Dank! :-)))
Klein war irgendwie immer schon meins. Groß finde ich viel schwieriger.
Klein ist doch total übersichtlich und handlich! lach

Looking forward the finished piece