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While watching doctors slip, you must have thought why their handwriting is too dirty. You would also have tried to know about doctor's handwriting. You would have met with doctor and seen that they write names of medicines too quickly. But we are unable to understand these names at all. We all know that doctor's handwriting is unique but what is the reason behind it? Why do all doctors write in poor handwriting. Today, i am going to tell you the reason behind it. There is no big reason behind this fact. All doctors write the names of medicine like this only with their own will. But here one question arises that there will be some doctors who use to write in good handwriting.

Till now, you have figured out that whichever doctor you have met, his writing is weird. Let me tell you that in Medical Council of India (MCI) every doctor is informed to write names of medicines in capital in their prescription. However, all doctors make only first letter capital and write rest in such a way which nobody can understand. When a doctor is asked about this dirty handwriting, he told that doctors did too much hardwork before becoming doctor. They have completed big exams in small time. That is why, in order to save time, they write speedily. Because of this, their handwriting has become so dirty which people are unable to understand. This is the reason why doctors write in poor handwriting. Now there will be a question in your mind that how chemists are able to read this much dirty handwriting. So, the simple reason behind it is that already have an idea that for which disease doctor would have written which medicine. Most chemists get an idea only by looking at the first letter of the name of medicine. Using this technique, chemists understand medicine mentioned by chemist. But we are unable to understand such handwriting however, we have right to have written name clearly.

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