Relaxed in my office - Relajado en mi oficina

in #scuba3 years ago


Minutes before my second dive, the sun was illuminating the rocks in the background. The view from my office is incredible.

Blessings and success.

Minutos antes de mi segunda inmersión, el sol iluminaba las rocas del fondo. La vista desde mi oficina es increíble.

Bendiciones y éxitos.

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Has been followed and resteemed...
I like it your relaxed....
Success is your...

Greetings my friend, I see that the advice I gave you has served you well, your reputation is growing. I'm happy for you.

I'm only happy for you...
Thank you...

hehehehe ok, see you at the top

Amazing view :-). A bad day of diving is better than the best day at work ;-). Upvote and resteem

hehehehe you're right, only on that bad day you do not get a narcosis exceeding 30 meters

Nice post @marsella-2017
i like it

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