[SCT Mining] SCT挖礦來了!

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SteemCoinpan SCT plans to start SCT mining by the token SCTM



Here is the Notice in Korean

[NOTICE] SCTM(SCT Miner) 토큰 발행 및 판매 예정 공지


目前獲得SCTM有兩方式:3 STEEMP 買 1 SCTM,或是 2 SCT "換" 1 SCTM。前者市場買,後者轉帳給 @sctm即可。

1 million SCTM for sale. You may buy 1 SCTM by the price of 3 STEEMP in Steem Engine market or buy 1 SCTM with 2 SCT by transferring SCT to @sctm. 10% of daily minted SCT tokens will flow into miners' account, hence a new token distribution of author/curator/sct.admin/mining by 40/40/10/10 respectively.

按照米高資訊,每日SCT通脹19200個,我算了下,年報酬約為35% (19200 * 0.1 * 365 / 1000000 / 2),還不錯但也不是最高,不過,考慮100萬個可能開挖時還沒完售,或許早期還可以?(數字與風險都請自己確認)


My calculation shows that the ROI in SCT is about 35%. Not bad really. I will try get a few SCTM and start mining...

ps. 這可能表示短期內SCT價格會在1.5 STEEMP附近,至少不會低太多。



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That’s pretty good ROI on the SCTM. Thanks for doing the calcs. I was wondering about the SCT price rise of late. Now I know. :)

the other rising factor is ZANN. you might have known already. :)

What is ZANN? First time I’ve heard of it.
Btw, to earn mining rewards from SCTM, do we just stake it or what else do we need to do?

Cheers mate. :)

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這SCT的團隊,動作真的五花八門,開始令到 SCT 慢慢有屬於他的價值。(用來進行就的投資)




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