Wales, UK the way I stress-out

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First of all I wanted to say "Hi" to everyone as this is my first post on SteemCoinpan and I wanted to tell you why I am here especially because I am no talking Korean as the majority of you does, but I have to admit that I do strongly believe that this community is very big and has a huge potential more than how much already has reached so far.

I have chosen this photo for my post, image that has been taken by myself in Wales, UK just a couple of weeks ago, and the reason is because it is a relaxing panorama. I have this place in my mind when I need to chill out and in those days with BTC dumping and bringing with itself all the other altcoins... well this stress a lot.

Many of us have invested a big capital in crypto... others has invested a lot of time... I have done both and I feel miserable thinking that all I have purchased with higher price now worth probably 1/10. So instead of panicking... I leave the water flow and I don't care... let's see what will happen because in this World I have no decisional power... I can only follow the flow.

I hope I didn't touch any off-topic and I introduce myself in some how so if you enjoyed reading this post leave a tiny upvote so I can start growing here too!

All the best :)

PS : if you don't like the post or I have done anything wrong... just write me a comment and I will amend it... I am not a big fan of flagging.