The Polymath and ST-20 standard

in #sct2 years ago
  • Several platforms have attempted to meet the requirements for the STO by creating their own standards. One of the representatives of the STO is 'Polymath'.

  • Problems with ICO led to strong regulation. However, this brought new attention to the STO. The STO permits issuance and trading of tokens only to fully qualified issuers and participants.

  • For example, the first owner of token must have lock-up period of one year, and the approved counterpart must be on the whitelist in order to make a second transaction again.

  • The Polymath platform supports setting the conditions for issuing each securities token using the ST-20. it created its own token standard - ST-20, by adding some necessary functionality to ERC-20 standard of Ethereum.

  • Polymath focused on [reg-d-506-c] to set token issuance and trading terms on the platform. Therefore, the issuer will not deviate from the [reg-d-506-c] regulation, as the platform suggests.

  • The ST-20 standard of the Polymath platform is not much different from the standard proposal of the Ethereum ERC-1400.

  • The ST-20 will involve all KYC / AML identity services, legal advisors, developers, and investors with the provision of [reg-d-506-c].


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