Harbor Platform and R-token for STO

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  • Security tokens should be able to read and determine the contents of the token holders, whether they are the correct owners, and how much dividends or interest they can receive.

  • The first to launch the STO platform was the Polymath project, and Harbor is one of the platforms that distributes securities tokens following Polymath.

  • Since R-Token(Regulated Token) is a security token, it is designed to be exchanged between token issuers or when it meets the conditions specified in the smart contract when trading on an exchange.

  • This process is possible because the R-Token Standard consists of several special smart contracts for STO.

  • For example, the manager of this token contract is implemented to receive and manage the tokens of participants participating in the R-Token as a function of sending and receiving tokens.

  • Investors can begin investing after the easy membership process provided by Harbor and KYC certification.

  • Based on the R-Token standard, the harbor platform uses private securities with blockchain technology to guide new tokenized securities backed by real assets such as real estate.

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