FINRA issued a securities broker license to Harbor subsidiary

in #sct2 years ago
  • FINRA is known as Wall Street's self-regulatory organigation that establishes rules and publishes guidelines for securities companies and brokers to protect investors and protect and ensure investment behavior.

  • Recently, FINRA issued a securities broker license to Harbor subsidiary. Harbor is a securities token platform that supports real estate asset tokenization.

  • Harbor Square Investment, a subsidiary of the company, was formally issued a securities broker license from the FINRA [Financial Industry Regulatory Authority].

  • Harbor, which has recently succeeded in converting $ 100 million in real estate funding tokens, is a platform company that has identified the propensity of investors investing in ICOs to be more aggressive than those investing in traditional assets, and has carried out STOs that are more suited to the traditional investment community.

  • Now that Harbor has succeeded in being approved as a broker dealer, it has opened the way for more aggressive buying and selling of its digitally asset projects to customers.

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