Candidates with Different Positions on Cryptocurrency

in #sct2 years ago
  • In the US Democratic Party, two candidates with different positions on cryptocurrency have declared their run. They are Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Yang.

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, has criticized cryptocurrencies in the past. She pointed out that cryptocurrencies are easy to be stolen, and many investors are hurt by fraudulent ICOs before.

  • On the other hand, candidates who are very positive about blockchain and cryptocurrency have run for president in the same Democratic Party. Andrew Yang.

  • He announced that he would adopt a blockchain-based mobile voting system if he won the US presidential election in 2020. He also says it's technically possible to cast transparent and fair votes using mobile phones and blockchains.

  • Andrew Yang also announced that he would accept Bitcoin-like cryptocurrencies for fundraising as an election campaign, and Andrew Yang's Bitcoin donation program will have a major impact on the US presidential election.

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